Brand Lab

Market space is generally overcrowded.  It’s imperative to incorporate a brand strategy to help cut through all the noise and reach the right people at the right time.  We walk our clients through an immersive, creative branding process.  We build logos, slogans, taglines and a digital identity that will resonate with your potential clients and build your enterprise.

Web Design & Development


Our websites have a user-friendly layout with interactive, attractive visuals that convert visitors into customers. At ElemenTek, we understand that the design of your website and digital footprint is every bit as important as the design of your products and services. We build eCommerce websites designed to optimize customer satisfaction and drive sales. Leveraging our partnerships with Shopify and WooCommerce we develop and integrate digital storefronts, shopping carts, catalogs and payment solutions fully integrated with your backend applications.

Web Development

Our websites are developed and coded to ensure mobile responsiveness, image optimization and promote modern design aesthetics. We have plenty of experience working with website builders and CMS’s, like WordPress. Our expert team is ready to customize your website into a truly unique digital stomping ground.

Redesign & Enhancements

The best way to stay ahead of your competition is with proactive enhancements to your site. Keep on top of your analytics, interpret that data, be aware of your users’ feedback. Implement tweaks and new features to keep your site fresh and your visitors engaged.

Maintenance (Pay as You Go)

The more consistently you make website edits and add new content, the more often search engines like Google and Bing will crawl your site and refresh their indexing of your content, helping to improve your search performance. We support variety of plans and can customize one that fits your needs.


Having a robust eCommerce website is the cornerstone of your online retail business.  At ElemenTek we understand the importance of utilizing the latest technologies to maximize efficiency, ease of use, customer satisfaction and profitability. Our eCommerce solutions offer the best in standard features and functionality while remaining agile and completely customizable. Let our team discuss any custom functionality and we’ll tailor a solution to match your brand and eCommerce goals.


Content is ‘King’ when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). We understand the factors which affect your SEO and are constantly baselining your system.  We then track your SEO progress and react quickly to help you organically without paying for AdWords or other SEM tools.  We ensure that your metadata behind the scenes is efficient and promotes your SEO.  We assist in developing your content, backlinks, marketing strategies and use tools like google analytics and MOZ get your customers to find you in your chosen keyword search results.

Platform Agnostic Middleware

Platform Agnostic Middleware

Effectively connects different end systems, performs data transformations and apply business logic, seamlessly integrating and automating intricate business settings that enable the building of monitoring, error, and re-try and automation mechanisms.

Web Portal Development/Integration

Our web developers’ program or customize existing public-facing portals as well as enterprise intranet dashboards that incorporate email and internal messaging, forums, search engines, workflow and task managers, news tickers and multimedia hosting.

Law Firms & Collection Agencies

~ We take pride in being platform agnostic. The only company we represent is yours!

Simplify your Business Processes, Compliance and Operations

Could there be a better way to organize and share your business information between staff, customers, and management? Is your current system a hodgepodge of 3rd party apps, docs, and spreadsheets? Do you find it difficult to get the summary reports you want in a timely fashion? If you answer yes to any of these, your growing business can benefit and grow with the right database applications and our expertise.  ElemenTek excels at analyzing your business processes and designing cost effective database applications to match your operational needs.

  • Simplify collections and reduce human error thru automation and process improvement
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – We bring automation by developing programs which enables companies to electronically communicate with each other efficiently and conform to important standards and regulations
  • Compliance – Build sustainable error free compliance processes and technologies/solutions
  • Audits- Mitigate risk thru scalable compliance technology and dashboard-based error reporting
  • We can help reduce cost and mitigate risk through enhanced vendor management processes
  • Reporting – Custom internal and customer facing reports and portals
  • Waterfall collections approach using
  • Cloud-based scalable technology
  • Workflow – Automation, reduce human error, checks and balances
  • Integration – Effectively connects different end systems, performs data transformations and apply business logic