How to pick the best fonts for your brand, business, logo, website and social media

The fonts you use say a lot about you and your business   There is a ton of material out there about fonts and which ones to use for your header bar, page and body headings as well as content.  Let’s say you are an online social medium platform like LinkedIn.  LinkedIn pretty much sets the standard for professionalism and it’s easy to understand their font choice. This sans serif font is clean and business-like, suggesting LinkedIn will help you attain your business goals.

Google for example uses a serif font which is considered simple and respectable, and people are drawn to its playful likeability.

Our best advice is to try to encapsulate the tone and emotion that you want to portray.  For example, if you are promoting a business like a spa, then the fonts should be warm and luxurious evoking a warm and caring emotion, for example a serif font like ‘Georgia’

Let’s say you are a bank or financial institution.  Then you want your fonts to evoke a strong, established reliable emotion so they should be less cursive and blockier and more institutionalized, for example could use serif fonts for the text and sans-serif type for the numbers

There are also fonts that work well together and a mixture of a few complimentary fonts on your website, social media platform is a good idea.  One of the best ways to do this if you are using google fonts is to pick a font using their tool and then use some of the popular pairing fonts that they recommend.  This is a great tool, so that you don’t have to re-invent what looks good with a font you wish to use.

There is another image that we sure liked out there too, called ‘THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND TYPE CHOICES’, which we found on the site , see below. It is all over the web and a great resource, though now is a little dated.  We like it as a visual reference as it highlights the emotions conjured by your choice of fonts.  Have fun and go for it, you will start looking at fonts in a whole different way.

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